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Quick house sales

Requirement for a quick house sale may crop up any time. The reason may be a better job prospect abroad, a divorce, an investment in another properly, helping a needy relative or anything else, but the process of selling will still remain the same. You may want to try and sell it in the open market all by yourself, approach a real estate agent or contact a fast cash buyer, but in any case the appearance and the condition of your house really matters. Almost every property seller wants a quick deal when they are selling their house, that too for the maximum value they can get. It must be already sounding good to you! Well, getting the top price is not a matter of chance. It requires some careful planning, a little effort and some knowledge about what to do to spruce up your home that will attract the buyers and impel them to search for no other properly but to invest in yours.

Prep up Your House for Sale

Remember, buyers only pay a first-rate price for a house that is in a top-notch condition. So if you are really looking for a good deal, make sure that your house is actually ‘READY’ for sale. For getting the perfect look for you property you may have to invest a little, but it will return to you when you get a really good deal. The focus of selling a house should not be in ‘how to sell’ but ‘what to do’ to sell at a better price.

Where to Start?

At times it all seems so troublesome and confusing that you just do not know where to start from. Do not worry! Here is a general list of things that you must look into before you put up your house for sale.

The Exterior

When starting with the preparation for sale, your first and foremost concern should be towards the exterior of the home. If the house looks good on the outside, or the "curb appeal" is attractive, people would be more than interested to see what lies beyond. To get that perfect look

•           Make sure to trim your lawn and the bushes in the garden.

•           Use some flowering plants if possible. Addition of colours perks up the look of any garden.

•           Remove dead plants.

•           Remove weeds from the lawn.

•           Keep your garden watered so that it gives a fresh and lively look.

•           Make sure the front door gives a welcoming and fresh look with a fresh coat of paint.

•           Keep the windows clean and if the weather permits keep them open to let in some fresh air.

The Interior

The first thing to do when the interiors are concerned is to de-clutter. Throw away or remove all the unnecessary things from the rooms to make them look spacious and neat. If you have not used a piece of clothing or a gadget for about a year then mostly you will never require it. So just let go of it and donate or sell! When prospective buyers come to your house make sure to pull the curtains and allow some natural lighting which will add brightness to the rooms.

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders to give a house an absolute face lift. Make sure to keep the colours light and neutral as they make the room look spacious and lively. Look for ripped wall papers, broken tiles, smudges on the walls, bare patches of cement or anything which may indicate a maintenance problem. Mend them when there is time. These things may seem small and unimportant but are major put offs.

Take special care of the kitchen and the bathrooms. They should have a modern look and must appear to be bright and fresh. Keep them clean and free from any annoying odour. Repair any leaky or broken faucets and call a plumber if required.

Remove all excess furniture from the rooms to make that look spacious. Clean up table tops, closets and dressers to make them clutter free. A neat room looks much appealing than an untidy space any day!

Remove all stained rugs, dirty or worn out carpets and old mats from the floor. Replace them with trendy and bright floor covering which will perk up the look of your rooms. Shift all things that look dated and make your home look like a modern abode. 

The trick is to look at your home from the point of view of a buyer and you will automatically understand where all it needs improvements. 

What our customer says

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My husband got a promotion and as a result, we needed to move overseas. We did not want to sell our home but it was needed and we needed to sell it fast so we could make the preparations for moving to another home. Thanks to Silverton House Search we were able to do so quickly and easily. read more >>

Tara M. Bartley,

I am so happy that I decided to work with this company. My house had been on the market for almost a year. It was a very frustrating time for me but when I was introduced to this company by a relative, all my frustrations were gone within a week. read more >>

Julia L. Sands,

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