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Sell House Fast Bedford

If you are one of those people who love the high octane city thrills or the arts and history interest you or you simply want to enjoy the pristine countryside, then Bedford is the place to be. Hosted in one of the smallest of England’s counties, Bedford is only a short 35 minute train ride from central London and the best place to enjoy panoramic views of the Great River Ouse set in beautiful countryside scenery.

Selling a house in Bedford may seem like a long and expensive procedure, especially if you do not have adequate information on how to manage the process. To get you started on the right path, it is important to be aware of what your potential buyers may want, and make your house suitable for them.

The most attractive package for any buyer is an attractive house in a convenient location. Fortunately, Bedford is quite an amazing city. The residential areas, business centre and its entire environment are among the many things that make the city attractive. Selling property in Bedford is quite easy with the right information and right agent, in addition to the thriving property industry that Bedford is today.

Top Places of Interest in Bedford

There are many places in Bedford that makes people want to live there. They include theatres, museums, parks, art galleries, churches and nature gardens among others. Some of the most interesting areas include:

  • Bedford Castle

This is an ancient castle; its actual age is not known. The historical site attracts many foreign people, which, among other factors, creates some interest in being part of the beautiful city.

  • Bedford Park

This is the biggest park in the city. It has beautiful shrubs and trees. It provides space for various sports such as rounders, cricket, basketball and tennis. The park also has a public swimming pool; Robinson Pool. 

Bedford Park is a nice place for people to relax and participate in their hobbies. The availability of such facilities in a region makes people interested in living there.

  • Dunstable Priory

This is an ancient church. It has been in existence since 1132. Its architecture; the Norman architecture is quite unique, making the place very famous.

It is an attraction for people from all over the world.

  • de Grey Mausoleum

This is one of the biggest sepulchural chapels in England. In the mausoleum, there are many ancient memories of the de Greys, who used to live in Wrest Park.

The Mausoleum is an attractive site for many people, especially those who enjoy history.

  • Stockwood Park

This park is where the Stockwood House was formerly located. It is a large field in which there are museums, formal gardens and golfing facilities. There is also a Rugby Club in the park. The park is great for relaxation, sporting activities and adventure. It is therefore an attraction for many kinds of people.

  • Ivinghoe Beacon

This is a great place for people who enjoy art, history, sightseeing, farming as well as strolling.

  • St. Neots Museum

The museum is located in what was formerly a law court and police station. It contains the history of the prisoners who had been detained there.

  • Brampton Wood

This is a place of interest for lovers of forestry, as it contains some of the remaining ancient trees in England. It is a beautiful site, which would be an ideal place for relaxation

Bedford’s Sports Teams

Sporting activities are quite important to many people. People with these kinds of interests would like to live in a place where they can participate in their favorite sports.

Bedford supports a number of sporting activities. It also accommodates a number of teams in various sports. Some of the sports teams in the city include:

  • Bedford Running Group
  • Marston Moretaine Runners
  • Kempston Martial Arts
  • Dragons Muay Thai
  • Old Boys Football
  • Bedford Football Group
  • Whitehawks Football Club
  • Bedford Bulls
  • Bedford Hockey Club
  • Bedford Tigers
  • Bedford Athletic
  • Bedford Queens
  • Lutton Rugby Club
  • Viking Kayak Club

Sports Centres in Bedford

Bedford also has a number of centres in which sporting activities are conducted. Some of the best known sports centres include:

  • Bedford Autodrome
  • Bedford International Stadium for Athletics
  • Wardon Park Cricket Field
  • Creasey Park Football Stadium
  • Ampthill Park
  • The Vale
  • Lancot Park

Transport Hubs and Stations in Bedford

When looking for a house, people consider the accessibility to their work places and other important routine destinations. They choose houses which are located close to such places. You can check out comprehensive property sites to help you decide the exact location of your preference.

In Bedford, the transport services make it convenient to live in virtually any place. This therefore makes it easy to sell houses within the city.

There are various means of transport to get people around Bedford city. There are many bus services throughout the city.

Bedford also has transport services for school going children. Parents do not have to worry about dropping their children off or picking them up, especially if their schedules are tight.

There is a train station in the city. Therefore, people can also travel by train to various destinations within Bedford. In addition, there are also taxi services throughout the city. 

Schools in Bedford

Every parent wishes to take their children to a good school. This is one important factor that is considered when looking for a place to move to. People want to live close to good schools where they can take their children.

Bedford has many good schools, making it an ideal place for such people. Some of the best schools in Bedford include the following:

  • Mark Rutherford School
  • Rushmoor School
  • Bedford Modern School
  • St. Andrew’s School
  • Bedford School
  • Westfield Middle School
  • Bedford Girls’ School
  • Castle Lower School
  • King’s Oak Primary School
  • Polam School

Population Facts

The area of Bedford is 476km2. As at 2014, the estimated population in the city was 163,900. Around two thirds of the population resides in the urban side.

Bedford Crime Rates

The security of a place is greatly significant in the decision to buy a house. People usually make sure the lace they intend to move to is secure enough.

The common types of crime in Bedford include arson, criminal damage, bicycle theft, antisocial behaviour, burglary, robbery and shoplifting among others. These cases, however, have reduced over the years. 

Bedford Politics

Bedford Constituency was created in 1997. Currently, it is under the leadership of Richard Fuller of the Conservative Party. 

Post Codes and Towns within the City

Bedford is a fairly big city with several towns in which people can reside. The total number of postcodes in Bedford is 23. 

Top Three Agents in Bedford

It is important to find a good estate agent to help you sell your house. Bedford hosts a number of estate agents. The best among them are:

  • Lane and Holmes
  • Taylors Estate Agents
  • Connells Estate Agents

It is not that easy to sell a house in Bedford, especially if you do not have help. The major factor to consider is your potential buyers’ interests. You need to make your house suit their interests. It is also very important that you find the best agent you can, especially if you are hoping for a quick sale.

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