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Sell House Fast Brighton

If you have a thing for charming, seaside cities, then your adventurous, peaceful soul will find deserved rest in Brighton. This city is on England’s south coast, in the East Sussex County about 76 km south of London.

Initially, Brighton was a sleepy, seemingly slow little fishing village. Over time, as people sought the soothing and healing waters of the seaside, the village grew into the city it is today. It is now one of the most popular cities today, and is fondly termed as London by the Sea. The calming waters contribute heavily to the thriving property market in Brighton as more people seek the serenity of a thrilling environment just outside the chaos of major cities.

Selling property in Brighton can be quite an adventure. This is because clients come with differing preferences and you need to give them exactly what they need. Brighton is a seaside resort city, which makes it an attraction for people from all over the world. In addition, it is known as the happiest city within the UK, which boosts the demand for property in this area. Let’s look at what Brighton has to offer homeowners.

Places of Interest in Brighton City

The city of Brighton is filled with places for adventure and fun. There are art galleries, museums, parks and theatres among others. Some of the most interesting places include:

  • Preston Park

It is among the biggest parks in the city. The park has rose gardens, lawns and formal borders. It also has a small pond. There is a tennis court within the park, making it a good place for sporting as well as relaxation.

  • Sea Life Brighton

This is the oldest working aquarium in the world. It provides a nice view of underwater life. It is a great tourist attraction; people come from all over the world to see it. 

  • The Museum and Art Gallery of Brighton

It is owned by the municipal council. It has a number of art masterpieces such as a painting of Alice in Wonderland.

  • Brighton Pier

This is a pleasure pier, where there are many fun activities for children such as amusements and games. It also has nice restaurants. 

  • Devil’s Dyke

This is a beauty spot that attracts tourists from all over England. It is a good place for nature walks, relaxation and games. 

  • North Laine

This is one of the best shopping areas in England. There are amazing deals for clothing, jewellery, pieces of art among other items.

  • Undercliff Walk

It is a walk at the bottom part of the chalk cliffs. It is a nice place for adventure.

  • Royal Pavilion

This is the former royal home. It was where King George IV lived. The Royal Pavilion is also a museum. 

  • Ditchling Beacon

This is high place (248 metres), which people visit for hiking. It is one of the most adventurous places in Brighton.

  • The Lanes

These are narrow lanes with many shops. It is a famous place for shopping. There are many items found here including crafts, shoes, clothing and household items among others.

Brighton’s Sports Team

Sports are important activities for many people. Therefore, people look for places where they can participate in their specific sports. There are a number of sports teams in Brighton, including:

  • Whitehawk FC
  • Brighton Kettleballs
  • Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club
  • Brighton and Hove Hockey Club
  • Brighton Swimming Club
  • Brighton Volleyball Club
  • Brighton Blues
  • Brighton Football Club

Sports Centres

The city also has many venues for different sports. There are many places where practice and competitions are held, such as:

  • Withdean Sports Centre
  • Prince Regent Swimming Centre
  • Stanley Deason Leisure Centre
  • Longhill Sports Centre
  • David Lloyd 
  • Impulse Leisure
  • Portslade Sports Centre
  • Brighton Aldridge Community Academy Sports Centre
  • St. Luke’s Pool
  • Moulsecoomb Community Leisure Centre

Transport Hubs in Brighton

People who commute daily want to live in a place with convenient transportation. In Brighton, there is a variety of means to transport people. There are many trains used for transport throughout the city. The main railway station is the Brighton Railway Station.

Brighton also has a non profit-making organization for transporting people, known as Community Transport. It offers cheap and convenient transport services throughout the city.

There are also door-to-door bus services offered by EasyLink. These are convenient for people who are not in a position to go to bus stations.

Schools in the City of Brighton

When looking for a house to buy in Brighton, people consider the schools surrounding the location. Parents are most likely to settle in a place where there are good schools. Brighton has many good schools, some of which include the following:

  • Elm Grove Primary Patcham High School
  • Brighton and Hove High School
  • Coombe Road Primary
  • Coldean Primary
  • Carden Primary
  • The Brighton Steiner School
  • St. Aubin’s School

Population Facts

As at 2014, Brighton had a population of 275,800. The ratio between males and females was estimated to be 1:1 in 2011.

The predicted population for 2016 is 277,000.

Crime Rates in Brighton

People are usually greatly concerned with the security of a place before they settle there. It is therefore important for them to find out the level of crime in their desired areas of residence.

The most rampant crimes in Brighton are antisocial behavior and violence. There are few cases nonetheless. Other crimes such as burglary, robbery, theft and drugs are very rare. 

Politics in Brighton

Brighton gained its status as a city in 2000. Its governing body is a city council, and the current mayor is Lynda Hyle of the Conservative Party.

It is represented by two MPs, Simon Kirby of the Conservative Party (representing Kemptown) and Caroline Lucas of the Green Party (representing Brighton Pavillion). 

Post Codes and Towns Within Brighton

Brighton is in the postcode area BN.  It has 18 postcode towns and 37 postcode districts. In the city, there is a total 143 postcode sectors. In addition, the live postcodes as at 2012 were 21,991 out of a total of 33, 254.

Top Three Agents in the City

The estate agent you choose to sell your house is a great determinant of how fast your house can be sold as well as the kind of deal you get.  You can equip yourself with adequate information from comprehensive property sites to help you make informed choices. You do not want to risk getting yourself a raw deal; make sure you find the best agent possible.

Brighton has so many good estate agents. The three best agents are:

  • John Hilton Agents
  • Phillips and Still
  • Forward Thinking Agents

Selling a house can be quite a challenge. There are many factors to put into consideration, the most important being the expectations of your potential buyers. It is important that you make sure your house meets your target buyers’ requirements. You also need to make sure you get help from a remarkable estate agent. This can be a difficult task if you do not have an expert to help you through it.

Settling in Brighton is a dream for very many people. Therefore, if you take the right steps in selling your house, you are highly likely to get a buyer fast and at a good price.

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