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Sell House Fast Cambridge

One of the easiest things to achieve in Cambridge is selling property, thanks to the thriving market today. While property in Cambridge has never been termed as cheap, the prices are stable and the demand is gradually increasing, making it easier for homeowners to sell their houses at a good price.

There are several things that buyers consider before making a purchase. Besides the condition of the house and its immediate surroundings, buyers also consider the region in which it is located before they can buy it.

Cambridge is a popular place, surrounded with beautiful sceneries and filled with great facilities. It has been a famous trading center for many years, and has attracted business people from all over the world.

Places of Interest in Cambridge City

Cambridge is one of the most peaceful, exciting and even adventurous cities to be in. It is a place where all types of people can be accommodated. Lovers of art, travel, sports and other types of entertainment can find what they like in the city. There are many places that they can visit, including:

  • Botanic Garden of Cambridge University

Here, there are many native trees and plants. It is a beautiful place to visit for relaxation. People who love farming would find this place quite amazing.

  • Ely Cathedral

It is one of the oldest churches worldwide. People come from various parts of the world to hold special events here. The church therefore makes Cambridge quite a famous place.

  • The Backs

This is where most of the University of Cambridge colleges are located, close to the banks of River Cam.

  • Anglesey Abbey

This is a stately country house, which belongs to the National Trust. Part of the house is open to everyone. The rest of it is private, as it is the Fairhavens’ home. People come from different parts of the world to visit this place.

  • Holy Sepulchre

This is an Anglican Church, which is unique for its architecture. The church is built in a round shape, something that is quite rare. It creates a historical interest since it was built like the Holy Sepulchure in Jerusalem. The church attracts a lot of attention to the city.

  • Fen Rivers Way

This is a 5 mile walking route, which is on the side of Rivers Great Ouse and Cam. It is a nice place to take a walk while enjoying the beautiful view.

  • Fitzwilliam Museum

The museum contains different works of arts, such as Constable’s paintings and illuminated manuscripts. People interested in art would have a great adventure here.

Other interesting places in Cambridge include the ADC theatre, Jesus Green Swimming Pool, Parker’s Piece and Pleasurewood Hills. There are also a number of museums in the University of Cambridge, which attract people from all over the world. All this makes Cambridge the perfect place to live.

Cambridge’s Sports Teams

People want to live in a place where they can pursue their hobbies and interests. Sports, for instance, are important activities for many people.

Cambridge City supports various kinds of sports for its residents. There are many sports teams in the city, such as:

  • Cambridge United Football Club
  • Robinson College Boat Club
  • Cambridge Swimming Club
  • Cambridge City Football Club
  • Cambridge Hockey Club
  • Cambridge City Chess Club
  • Cambridge Dragon Boat Club
  • Gliding Club of Cambridge
  • Cambridge Volleyball Club

Sports Centres

Cambridge has a number of centres to promote sports for the youth. There are centres for different kinds of sports. Some of the most famous sports centres in the city are:

  • Abbey Leisure Complex
  • Cherry Hinton Village Leisure Centre
  • Chesterton Sports Centre
  • Kelsey Kerridge Sports Centre
  • Parkside Pools and Gym

Transport in Cambridge City

Before settling on a place to stay, people usually consider the available transport services. They look for a place with convenient transportation to their places of work and schools among other places.

In Cambridge, there are bus services for transporting people throughout the city. The buses come from the Drummer Street bus station, which is located at the city center. Cambridge has a railway station; hence people can conveniently travel through the city by train.

There are a large number of cyclists in Cambridge. This means that cycling in Cambridge is safe and convenient.  There are also car hire services as well as taxi transportation.

Cambridge Schools

People with school going children usually look for a house located near good schools for their children. Fortunately, Cambridge city has a number of good schools; hence it would be easy to attract such parents to buy your house.

Some of the best schools in Cambridge include the following:

  • Comberton Village College
  • Impington Village College
  • Parkside Community College
  • Meridian School
  • The Spinney Primary School
  • Morley Memorial Primary School
  • St. Matthew’s Primary School
  • The Netherhall School
  • St. Ivo School
  • Newport Free Grammar School
  • Cambridge International School

Population Facts

The area of Cambridge City is 40.7km2. The city, as at 2011, had a population of approximately 123,900, most of who are of the White British ethnicity.

Crime Rates

When looking for a place to live, people are typically concerned with the security of their target residence. Cambridge is quite a safe city to live in.

The crime rate in Cambridge is still slightly high. However, the report on the high rate of crime has led to the police working harder and coming up with ways to lower the crime rate.

Cambridge Politics

People look at the political aspect of the region they intend to live in. The City of Cambridge came to existence in 1951. It is a non-metropolitan city, governed by the city council.

The current mayor of Cambridge City is Robert Dryden. The two MPs of Cambridge are Daniel Zeichner of the Labour Party and Heidi Allen of the Conservative Party.

Post Codes and Towns Within the City

Cambridge City has a total of 5 post towns, within which there are 16 postcode districts. The city’s postcodes run between CB1 and CB25. The latest postcode districts; CB21 to CB25, were created out of CB1 to CB5. The February 2012 statistics showed that the live postcodes were 10269, out of a total of 18,154.

Top Three Agents in Cambridge

For a quick sale, you need to be well informed on the property market. You can get such information from reputable property sites. It is also advisable to make sure you have the best available estate agent to sell your house. It may cost you a lot, but there is good chance that you will get the best deal. In Cambridge, there are many highly performing estate agents. However, the three best agents so far are:

  • Thomas Morris
  • Savills
  • Cambridge Haart

The process of selling a house can take a lot of time, effort and money; maybe even more than you expected. The best way to get a good deal is by customizing your house to fit your target buyers. You also need to have help from a good estate agent.

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