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Sell House Fast Chelmsford

If you have studied the Chelmsford property market well, you know that it is possible to sell a house fast and hassle free with a very short and smooth legal process. One of such ways is engaging cash buyers; they only come to view the property, value it agree with you on a price and write you a check as the legal transfers are done. This process can take days as opposed to the traditional options that take months. It is good to note that Chelmsford property cash buyers do not give less than 90% of the current property market value depending on the condition.

Why the Fuss around Chelmsford

Chelmsford lies in the East of England in the Essex County. This makes it one of the most lucrative residential places for many people working in London as it is only a half hour journey to the capital. Many city commuters working in central London prefer to live here. This makes the property market in Chelmsford vibrant.

Top 10 Places of Interest in Chelmsford

This is the only city in Essex County, and is home to beautiful greenery, rich heritage, world class sporting, arts and leisure activities, fine dining experiences and an irresistibly vibrant nightlife. This makes the place ideal for the young upwardly mobile house owners. Here are the city’s top 10 places of interest

  • The Tropical Wings Zoo
  • The Essex Police Museum
  • The Hanningfield Reservoir
  • The Hylands House
  • Te Ingatestone Hall                                        
  • The RJS Garden Hyde Hall
  • The Chelmsford City Cathedral
  • The Leez Priory
  • The Chelmer and Black Water Navigation
  • The Battlesbridge Antique Centre

Sports Teams

Chelmsford has curved a place for itself on the world map as a sporty city, a fact that saw it host many countries in the London 2012 Olympics. The city is home to Chelmsford FC, and the birthplace to the only man who scored a hat trick in the World Cup Finals.

The city boasts of a host of football, cricket, swimming, hockey, rugby, English Hockey and Racecourse teams. You can find sports teams for junior as well as local players with periodic matches that garner the support of many residents and visitors alike.

Some of these teams include:

  • Chelmsford City FC
  • Chelmsford Rugby FC
  • Chelmsford Hockey Club for both men and women
  • Chelmsford Swimming Club

Sports Centers

If you are looking for a city with numerous, reputable sports facilities, Chelmsford should be your first stop. With facilities where people can play a range of sports, these centers are accessed all year round and are the perfect fitness clubs for the young and young at heart.

Some of the most popular sports and fitness centers include;

  • Chelmsford Sports and Athletic Centre
  • Riverside Ice and Leisure Centre
  • DoveDale Sports Centre
  • South Woodham Ferrers Leisure Centre

Transport Hubs and Stations

You can easily get around the city by bus, taxi, rail, or even cycling if you know the streets well enough. There are about 30 commercial bus operators throughout Essex county prying through more than a thousand routes.

The city’s 2 bus stations are:

  • Sandon
  • Chelmer Valley

Railway transport is commonly used in this city, and there are numerous stations. However, the Chelmsford Railway Station is the main mode of transport prying the London Eastern Street between Hatfield and Ingastestone. Other stations include;

  • Braintree Station
  • Chelmsford Station
  • Basildon Station
  • Benfleet Station
  • Bishop Stortford Station

Schools in Chelsmford

Chelmsford is home to a host of educational institutions: from primary and high schools to tertiary institutions. The city is home to grammar schools, polytechnics, in addition to faith based learning institutions. These institutions offer a wide range of vocational, academic and occupational programs to the thousands of students enrolled.

Population Facts

The urban zone of the city has a population of 110, 000 and the locale has about 168,310, figures according to the 2011 census, and the figure is expected to rise steadily every year. According to the 2001 Census, females were the majority with 50.8% of the total population and the males making up the remaining 49.2%. Those under 18 are about 22.5% while those over 60 are 19%.

Home owners make up 76.5% of the lodging evaluation while those who have privately leased property are only 6.3%.

Crime Rates

When buying property, it is important to find out about the neighborhood. One of the factors that heavily influence the attractiveness of the property and consequently the price is the crime rates of the area.

Chelmsford is notable for its anti-social behavior, which forms the bulk of the crime at 31.55%. Other petty crimes are bicycle theft at 2.1% , drug related crimes at 1.5%, burglary at 4.2% with 22 reported cases. Robbery, shoplifting, possession of weapons and theft each have less than 10 cases reported monthly. However, violence and sexual offenses are high, with 134 reported cases by the end of June 2016, which forms 26% of the crimes committed.

City Politics              

Chelmsford city is largely affluent middle class with eons of association with hi-tech manufacturing. It is the home of innovation and revolution. It is a commuter city and the economy of the city still has room for improvement.

The Chelmsford borough council seat was created in the year 2012 after the merging of the rural West set and the East Maldon rural seat. This area largely enjoys the support of the Liberal Democratic. The current MP is Simon Burns, a Conservative, managed to hold on despite the massive Lib Dems support.

Post Codes and Towns Within

The Chemlsford Postcode Region has 25 outward codes with the city being the main postal district for the region. These postcodes run from CM1 to CM25. You can check out online resources for all relevant information about each post code.

Top Three Estate Agents in the Area

There are several estate agents that are highly rated to give you top notch service in this city. These estate agents are known for their professionalism, expertise and excellent customer care. They include:

  • Abbots
  • Adrians
  • Bairsto Eves

You can check out any reliable property website such as Right Move to get more information on what differentiates these estate agents and which is the best for you. You’ll also get more on how these agents work, how they price their services and the types of services they offer. 

Selling a house fast is no mean task. Buyers will want to know the total package they are getting and not just about the property you are selling. It has to be located in a convenient place easily accessible through public transport and social amenities in addition to being in a good neighborhood. When selling a house, keep all these factors in mind.

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