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Sell House Fast Ipswich

Being only 40 minutes away from Brisbane on the western side, Ipswich has earned itself respect as one of the cities with enviably growing communities. As one of the oldest Queensland towns, Ipswich is home to beautiful historic buildings.

This is a city in transition. Originally, it was named Limestone as it was quite a successful mining town. It was narrowly beaten by Brisbane in the battle for the title of the state’s capital in 1859 and was recognized as the haven to be for the working class. Today, Ipswich is now playing host to an influx of government departments, new investors, and even a university campus that has seen it develop the sophisticated arts community and café culture. This makes property in this area sell like hot cake.

The property market in Ipswich is ripe for renting, buying and pretty much any other investment option of your choice. But before you invest, it is important to know that it is the right place for you. Here are some insights into the city to help you understand how much of a deal you are getting.

Places of Interest

Ipswich is one of the cities that give you the feeling of a historic time beautifully invaded by the convenience of the modern times. The city is adorned with beautiful sites; hence anyone can have a good time here. Among the musts see sites are the following:

  • Ipswich Waterfront

This is one of the most famous places in Ipswich. It has made people from all over the world come to Ipswich. In fact, it is one of the reasons why people want to live in the city.

The waterfront is a nice place for travelers to visit, since it has great restaurants and adventures such as boat riding. 

  • Hollywells Park

This is Ipswich’s green hub. The place is attractive; it is an area for wildlife conservation. Additionally, it has a big field for children to play.

  • Christchurch Park

Here is where the Christchurch Mansion is located. Within the mansion are an art gallery and a museum.

  • Hollow Trees Farm Shop

This is a great place for farmers to visit. It is a large piece of land with mixed farm products. Here, farmers can learn some farming tips, and also draw some inspiration on environmental conservation.

  • Jimmy’s Farm

This is an animal farm. People who love animals would have a great experience here.

  • The Transport Museum of Ipswich

This museum is solely devoted to the transport history and the engineering objects used and made around Ipswich. It is a good place to learn about the transport revolution in the area.

  • The Giles Statue

Any lover of art will love this site. It is a statue of Grandma, a work of art by the famous Carl Giles. The statue is right in the middle of the city.

  • Ancient House

This is an old building; it has been there since the 1400s. The building has pieces of art representing Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

There are so many places to visit in Ipswich. Its attractiveness increases the interest of many people to live there; and the demand makes it easy to sell houses among other property.

Sports Teams

Ipswich accommodates many teams for different kinds of sports such as hockey, football, softball, cricket and netball among others. Some of the famous sports teams in the city include: 

  • Ipswich Town Football Club
  • Valley Rangers Football Club
  • The Central Junior Football Club
  • The Crouqet Club of Ipswich
  • Ipswich Blind Cricket Club
  • Fred Daniels Tennis
  • Ipswich Association of Hockey
  • Ipswich Association of Netball

Sports Centres

The many sports centres in Ipswich gives the youth a chance to participate in the sports they are good in. In addition, people from outside the city come here to play various games. Some of the sports centres include the following:

  • Northgate centre
  • Maidenhall centre
  • Gainsborough centre
  • Whitton Centre
  • Profiles Gym
  • Fore Street Pool
  • Crown Pool

Transport Hubs andTrain Stations

Getting around Ipswich is pretty easy. There are many means to get you around the city. Whether you choose to take a train, cab or bus, you can be sure of good transportation to wherever you wish to go. The ease of transport makes this city among the most attractive options to buy property today.

The Queensland Rail transport is a good means of transport to rail travelers throughout the city.  The yellow cabs can be found at any time. This is a fast and convenient way to travel throughout Ipswich.

The bus service is also an affordable and convenient transport means.  

Schools in Ipswich

People want to live in a place that is conveniently close to their children’s schools. Fortunately, in Ipswich, the number of good schools is large.  Living in Ipswich can be a great thing for children, throughout their education period.

Among the good schools located in Ipswich are:

  • Ipswich Girls’ School of Grammar
  • Ipswich School of Grammar
  • Ipswich State High
  • Lowood State High
  • Leichardt State School
  • St. Mary’s Primary School
  • St. Mary’s College
  • Kruger State School
  • Bremer State High School
  • Collingwood Park State School
  • Bremer State High School
  • St. Edmund’s College

Ipswich Population Facts

The area of Ipswich is approximately 1090km2, and the population as at 31/6/2013 was approximately 190,125.

The 2011 report showed that the population of people of 14 years and below was 40,231, while those aged 65 and above were16, 522.

The expected population in 2013 is 435,000.

Crime Rates in Ipswich

Safety is one of the most significant factors affecting the choice of residence. Every person wishes to live in a safe environment and neighborhood.

Ipswich is growing into a more secure city with every passing year. In every annual report, the rate of crime is said to have decreased. This has made the city quite popular, since there is an assurance of safety for the residence.

The cases of break-ins in shops and residential areas have remarkably dropped. There has also been a substantial drop in the robbery level.

The only crimes lagging behind are rape and drug crimes; but with the increased effort by the Queensland Police, there is hope that they too will reduce.

Ipswich Politics

The Borough Constituency of Ipswich came to being in 1925. It is currently under the leadership of Ben Gummer, of the Conservative Party. Ipswich is located in Suffolk County, Eastern England.

Currently, most of Ipswich is within the Borough of Ipswich, while the North Western part is in Central Suffolk.

Post Codes and Towns Within Ipswich

Ipswich has a total of 33 outward postcodes. Ipswich is the region’s major postal district. The postcodes run from IP1 to IP33.

Top Three Agents in Ipswich

The sale of a house greatly relies on the real estate agent involved. It is important to get a good agent; however expensive it may appear, since you are bound to love the results.

Fortunately, in Ipswich, there are a number of great estate agents. The three best agents, however, are the following:

  • Savills
  • Abbots
  • Bairstow Eves

Parting Shot

If you’d like to sell your house fast, you may need to know the top agents that can help you out. One of such efficient options is Right Move. With the right agents, you can easily sell property, especially not that the city is at the verge of exponential growth and foreign investments.

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