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Sell House Fast Oxford

When the word Oxford is said, the first thing that comes to the mind of most people is the famous university. This institution has produced globally acclaimed scholars and the city is home to royalty for centuries. This is the place where rich history dwells, although the town is said to have been established way before the 9th century.

Today, Oxford is a bustling cosmopolitan city, even with the ancient University, though it is also home to a growing high tech community. The city is host to many businesses in both the residential areas and in the business or science parks.

A good mix of the old and the new makes Oxford an interesting place to be, with plenty to do. With numbers flowing in to explore for themselves, the property market is thriving. If you are well conversant with the Oxford property market then you will agree that it is possible to sell house fast without any major hindrances such as long legal procedures. The trick to this is doing a thorough research on such informative sites as Right Move. Additionally, get a great real estate agent that will sell your house fast at a competitive price.

Oxford’s Places of Interest

Oxford, popularly known as “The City of Dreaming Spires” is famous all over the world mainly for its history and the University of Oxford. Currently the city is a busy cosmopolitan town. With its blend of modern and ancient, there are plenty of places of interest. Among the must see places are:

  • Carfax Tower

It is also known as St Martin’s tower and is considered the centre of the city. When you are the top you can get a breathtaking view of Oxford skyline.

  • Saxon Tower of St Michael

This is Oxford’s oldest building and dates from the year 1040. It is known to have been the prison of the Oxford Martyrs before they were burnt in Broad Street nearby. This tower is worth a visit by virtue of it being the oldest building in Oxford and for its history.

  • Bodleian Library

It forms part of the University of Oxford and can accommodate 2,500 readers. Book-lovers would definitely fall in love with this place since its open to the public and has a rich history.

  • Clarendon Building

It situated near Bodleian Library and the Sheldonian Theatre. It housed the Oxford University press for many years. It is a magnificent building for sightseers.

  • Radcliffe Camera

It was built in 1749 to function as Radcliffe Science Laboratory and currently it part of Bodleian

Library and it is used as reading room. It is one of the most photographed buildings in the city due to its circular drum and dome structure that makes it conspicuous.

  • Sheldonian Theatre

For theatre lovers this is the place to be. Sheldonian theatre is used for music recitals and performances. In addition to this, it used for conferences and lectures.

  • Blackwell’s Bookstore

This is not just like any other bookstore, it has leading single room dedicated too sale of books in entire Europe. This makes it a site worth taking a tour of.

  • Oxford University Press

The Oxford University Press is well known for publishing the Oxford Dictionary and the KJV Bible making it an interesting place to visit.

  • Botanic Gardens

For those who want to bond with nature the Botanic Gardens is a must visit. Many exotic flowers and plants grow here.

Sports Teams in Oxford City

Oxford is home to a host of sports teams which take part in many sporting events such as football, American football, cricket and athletics among others. Some of the well-known sports teams in Oxford are:

  • Oxford City Football Club
  • Oxford Saints American Football Club
  • Oxford City Athletics Club
  • Oxford Cricket Club
  • Oxford Fencing Club
  • Oxford Hoops Basketball club
  • Oxford Archers
  • North Oxford Football Club
  • Oxford Brookes University Ladies Football Club

Sports Centres

Oxford is well endowed with reputable sports amenities where people can participate in a wide range of sports activities. The sports centres are open all year long offering opportunities for perfect body fitness for all and a lot of other leisure activities.

Some of the most well-known sports and leisure centres in Oxford include:

  • Abbey Sports Centre
  • Oxford Brookes University Centre for Sort
  • Hinksey Pool
  • Ferry Sports Centre
  • Oxford University Sports Complex
  • The Park Sports Centre
  • Temple Pools

Transport in Oxford City

One of the best things about buying property in Oxford is the ease of access to various places. Moving around the city is easy whether it is by rail, cab, bus or even by cycling for those who have good knowledge of the streets.

The Oxford Bus Station is located in Gloucester Green with the leading bus companies in the city being the following:

  • Stagecoach Oxfordshire
  • Oxford Bus Company 
  • Thames Travel

If you are interested in getting around by train the Oxford Train Station is at your service. The station is located on Park End Street near Said Business School.

Cabs are also available in the city and the best to use is Hackney Carriages since they are the only ones licensed by the Council and they can also be hired.

To get to Gatwick and Heathrow airports, Oxford Bus Company operates a bus service known as The Airline and it can come in handy to those who want to get the airports.

Schools in Oxford

Oxford harbors numerous learning institutions: From middle and high schools to high learning institutions such as universities and colleges. The city has one of the most popular universities in the world, that is, the University of Oxford. These educational institutions offer wide variety of academic, occupational and vocational programs to many learners who get enrolled. The following is a list learning institutions in Oxford:

  • University of Oxford
  • Oxford Brookes University
  • City of Oxford College
  • Ruskin College
  • Said Business School
  • Oxford High School
  • Oxford Middle School
  • Oxford Elementary School
  • Coldwater Elementary School

Population Facts

Oxford has an area of 46 sq. km with urban areas being densely populated. Oxford recorded a population of 159,994 in 2016. It is the 52nd biggest city in the UK with one third of the population aged between 18 and 29.

Crime Rates in Oxford

Safety is a major concern when it comes to choosing where to buy a house as everyone appreciates living in a safe neighborhood. For this reason, analysis of crime rate in Oxford is essential.

The English Indices of Deprivation ranks Oxford 90 in a list of 326 districts on the domain of crime. This shows that Oxford is less relatively deprived of crimes that are reported making it a safer place compared to other similar areas. Buyers therefore should pounce on the chance of buying a house in Oxford.

Oxford Politics

Oxford is under the governance of Oxford City Council which was founded in 1974. Currently it’s under the leadership of Bob Price who is a member of the Labour Party and the Lord Mayor is Mohammed Altaf-Khan since May 2016.

Since the year 2002, elections in the city have been held after every four years. The last election was held in 2016 with the Labour Party gunning 35 out of 48 seats.

Post Codes and Towns within the City

Oxford postcode area (OX) has 28 outward codes with Oxford district being the main postal district. Online resources giving information on each of these post codes is available and you can check for any relevant information you need.

Top Three Estate Agents in Oxford

One of the vital things that can make or break a property sale in Oxford is the choice of estate agent. There are numerous state agents in the city but the leading Estates Agents according customer satisfaction are:

  • Scott Fraser Lettings and Estate Agents
  • Amelies Oxford Estate Agent
  • Chancellors Estate Agents

It is not guaranteed that when your house is on sale, you will get a buyer or the deal you were hoping for. Buyers can be quite choosy, so you should try and find out what they need and ensure your house will appeal to them. In addition, you need to get the best agent you can afford in order to get yourself a good deal.

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