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Sell House Fast Portsmouth

The ceremonial county of Hampshire on England’s south coast is host to this beautiful port city of Portsmouth. This naval base, which is spread across the Portsea Island, is well known for its historic dockyard and rich maritime history. It is a vibrant waterfront city, and the only in England’s south coast that is ideal for a break by the sea. There is so much to enjoy in Portsmouth, which makes the demand for property soar.

Selling a house in Portsmouth may seem like quite a process, especially if it’s your first time selling property. It involves a lot of legal procedures; and searching for buyers can take a lot of time and effort. It is important to find out what your target buyers want, and work towards meeting their needs. One thing that can make the whole process even easier and faster is selling to cash buyers.

Selling houses in Portsmouth is not difficult, since it is a popular place with many beautiful sites, good business and other countless facilities. There are many people who are interested in living in the city.

Interesting Must-See Places in Portsmouth

Portsmouth is surrounded by the sea, and it is connected to with the Navy. It is the only island city in the UK. The city is therefore filled with maritime and military historic sites. There are also parks, theatres, gardens, castles and towers among other places that people visit. Some of the most interesting areas include:

  • Royal Marines Museum

This Museum has collections showing the history of the Royal Marines. It is an open place for everyone. The museum is an attraction for people from every part of England.

  • National Royal Navy Museum

The Museum is filled with items showing the efforts of the Royal Navy for many years. It is also a great attraction for people all over England, particularly the lovers of history.

  • D-Day Museum

The Museum was opened by Queen Elizabeth.  It was opened in commemoration of the 1944 D-Day and Normandy Battle. 

  • Blue Reef Aquarium

This is a great place to view underwater living creatures such as lobsters, seahorses, tropical fish and sharks. There are tunnels through which people walk to have a view of the beautiful creatures.

  • Mary Rose Museum

The museum was opened in dedication to Mary Rose, a warship used by the Tudor Navy. It has a collection of the ship’s artifacts and the actual ship.

  • Clerence Pier

This is an amusement park, with facilities for indoor games, rides, high ropes and many other fun activities. 

  • Round Tower

This tower is found at the harbour’s entrance. It is a historical site, which was built to keep the harbor safe in the 1400s.

  • Portsmouth Cathedral

This is an ancient church which was built in the 1100s. This is where the Bishop of Portsmouth is found. 

  • Domus Dei

This is a hospice and almhouse, which was built in 1212AD. It is the current Royal Garrison Church, which is recognized as an ancient Monument.

  • Portsea Island

This is one of the British Isles Islands, which is between Portsmouth and Langstone harbors. It has historical items, such as hoards from the Bronze Age and Roman coins.

Sporting in Portsmouth

Sporting activities are considered important by many people. One of the things that make Portsmouth attract property buyers is because it has a vibrant sports culture. It is therefore important for such people to be assured that they can participate in sports where they move to. Portsmouth supports many sports; there are many sports teams within the city. Some of them are:

  • Portsmouth Rugby Football Club
  • AFC Bournemouth
  • Adur Bathtub Race
  • Olympian Sports Club
  • Churchland Swim Club

Sports Centres

The city also has a number of venues for sports. Some of the most famous sports centers include:

  • Mountbatten Centre
  • Wibledon Park Sports Complex
  • Pyramids Centre
  • Highbury Sports Centre
  • Portsmouth Watersports Centre
  • Gymnastics Centre of Portsmouth
  • Spinnaker Sports Centre
  • Eastney Swimming Pool

Getting Around Portsmouth

Transport is an important factor to consider when looking for a place to live. Most people look for places with convenient transportation to the places they go to often; such as schools or work places.

The transport services in Portsmouth make it convenient to live anywhere in the city. There are trains, buses and ferries to get people around the city.

The train service in Portsmouth is affordable and convenient. The services are offered for journeys within the city as well as beyond it.

There are also ferries used to transport people across the sea surrounding the city. There are timetables set for ferry journeys.

Travelling by bus is a very convenient way, since there are buses for transporting people to every part of Portsmouth.

Portsmouth Schools

Before deciding to live in a certain place, parents consider the kind of schools that are around that place. They can only settle if there are good schools where they can take their children. Fortunately, in Portsmouth, there are so many good schools. Some of the best schools include the following:

  • Corpus Christian Catholic School
  • Portsmouth Girls’ Academy
  • Hodges Manor Elementary School
  • Lakeview Elementary School
  • W.H. Taylor Elementary School
  • Portsmouth Grammar School
  • Mayfield School
  • Copnor Primary School
  • Trafalgar School

Population Facts 

The population of Portsmouth, as at 2012 was 207,100, with 145,000 being of the working age. The population of males takes 48.5% while that of females is 51.5%.

Crime Rates in Portsmouth

The security of a place is very important to consider while searching for a house to live in. People make sure the house they decide to buy is in a highly secure location.

The latest report on the crime rate in Portsmouth showed that it was above the average rate in Hampshire County. This is an issue of concern, but the report is a motivation for the Portsmouth police to work harder in restoring the security of the city.

Portsmouth Politics

Portsmouth is a city within Hampshire County. It is governed by a city council. The current Lord Mayor of Portsmouth is David Fuller. 

Post Codes and Towns within Portsmouth

The postcode are of Portsmouth is PO. It has 24 postcode towns, 34 postcode districts and 230 postcode sectors.

The number of live postcodes as at 2012 was 23,806, out of a total of 31,316.

Top Three Agents in the Portsmouth City

Smart property owners equip themselves with adequate information on how to get the best price. You can get information from property sites such as Right Move on prices in your area. The estate agent in charge of selling your house greatly determines how soon it is sold, and how good the deal will be. It is important that you get a good estate agent if you want a good and quick sale.

It is quite easy to find such agents in Portsmouth. The three best agents are:

  • Cubbit and West 
  • Beal’s Estate Agents
  • Northwood Agents

It may take a lot of effort, time and money to get you a buyer for your house, at the price you wish to sell it. It is important to make sure your house is appealing to your target buyers. In addition, you should have the help of an expert. Find a good estate agent with the ability to attract buyers as well as good skills for negotiation.

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