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It might be time to move. It might be time to resize - up or down according to your needs. It might be a tough time and you need cash. Whatever the reason, getting into the real estate market to sell your houseis often time consuming, money consuming and even psychologically tiring. So many decisions to make, so many people with whom to work, so many different opinions and advice on what you should do. You might feel tempted to go the easiest option and find some of those private investors who will buy your home really quick - sometimes, literally in a matter of days! - but for a price much lower than market price, so you will lose money. Unless you are in a tight spot and need cash right away - and/or get rid of the property for any reason - there are better options. This includes, of course, a traditional scheme with a real estate agent.

Good agents should provide accurate advice on what is best to do when you sell your home. The market isn't simple and it moves around a lot. It is sensitive to changes in economics, politics and even the climate. Also, prices go up and down and the right decision when putting a house on sale can save you or cost you quite a few pounds.

What you should know

Trustworthy realtors and estate agencies should be clear with their terms and their fees and charge reasonable expenses for their services. However, it is always prudent to protect your own interest as a seller. You should look for a source of advice that is both impartial to you and reliable in itself. There are associations in the UK which purpose is to ensure that estate sellers and buyers know all they need to engage in estate trade and make the right decisions. 

If you are planning to sell or buy a house then you should get in contact with NAEBA, which stands for National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents. This association doesn't list properties, so it is perfectly impartial. Whenever you hire a buyer from NAEBA you can be sure that your best interest is being protected at all times during negotiations and transactions. 

Of course, hiring a buyer's agent is never mandatory. It is, indeed, an extra expense that you should consider. Since these agents are independent and not linked to any estate agency, their fees are never included within the cost of the property itself, unlike the fees of realtors or referrals. However, since it is in your best interest to hire an expert advisor that will always be on your side, we suggest that you at least consider this possibility before going to an estate agency to close a deal.

Companies that will buy any house

Selling your property to a company is another good option if you want a quick but fair sale. There are companies that purchase estate for investment purposes, like constructuin or buy to let schemes. These aren't as easy to find as traditional estate companies, so here we provide the names and links to a couple of them so you can check them out.

Again, there are investment companies that will buy your home in a matter of days, those are commonly known as "quick sale" companies. However, they do offer a low price for your property, and it isn't rare that they actually scam you and pay even less at the end of the deal. So we suggest that you stick to these two that we recommend, or at least to some of their kind.

Zephyr Real Estate is one of our picks. This company has been around for quite a while and they buy all sorts of houses, from luxury to cheap constructions. They are reliable and have many agents distributed around the United Kingdom, so if you contact them you are likely to get a quick response. Zephyr Real Estate has been awarded several times for its work and its quality, so you can rest asure they will do a great job for you.

Coming from the United States and now working with headquarters in London, Holiday Fenoglio Fowler is a huge estate trader that is expanding its business in the United Kingdom. HFF is a powerful investor who wants a place in the UK, so it offers good deals to home sellers. Born in San Francisco in the 70's, the company has made itself a name thanks to its dedicated agents and efficient ways. This is another great option to consider if you want to sell your home.

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My husband got a promotion and as a result, we needed to move overseas. We did not want to sell our home but it was needed and we needed to sell it fast so we could make the preparations for moving to another home. Thanks to Silverton House Search we were able to do so quickly and easily. read more >>

Tara M. Bartley,

I am so happy that I decided to work with this company. My house had been on the market for almost a year. It was a very frustrating time for me but when I was introduced to this company by a relative, all my frustrations were gone within a week. read more >>

Julia L. Sands,

I needed to sell my home as quickly as possible to avoid repoessession. I was so happy that I did business with this company. I was not only able to repay my loan but I got some extra cash which I used to go on my dream vacation. read more >>

Franklin M. Nesbitt,